In-store application system

Easy delivery

The kiosk stands are delivered and installed in your points-of-sale

Your branding

The application and kiosk stands are designed in your corporate branding

Tailor-made content

The application is built to meet your data collection needs. Choose from a wide range of question types


A gamification element can be added to incentivise customers

Flexible design

Quickly add or remove questions

Offline mode

Collect feedback without internet access. The data is saved and sent whenever a connection is made

Reporting dashboard


Advanced segmentation by period, age or any defined variables


Monitor and compare your NPS/Smiley rating score between stores

Heat map

Visualise your customer traffic with the geographical heat map

Export data

Download or export your data to a CRM system

Automatic mail flow

Automatize word-of-mouth


Visitors who leave a good NPS or smiley rating receive an e-mail


They receive an e-discount voucher if they sent an e-discount voucher to a friend


Both the happy customer and the friend come to the store to collect their e-discount voucher

Prevent churn


Visitors who leave a bad NPS score or a bottom smiley rating receive an e-mail to apologise for the bad experience


In the mail, there is a link with a couple short follow up questions about the experience


The store manager automatically receives an e-mail with the contact details and responses of the unhappy customer

Social media followers


Visitors who leave a good NPS or smiley rating receive an e-mail


They are asked to follow your company on social media


Customers like your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Instagram account

Custom mail flows on request