Easily collect customer feedback in your store
and act on it

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How it works

Get feedback

Customers are incentivized to give feedback in the store

Automatized mails

Mails are sent out to automatize word-of-mouth and to prevent churn

Analyse data

Easily follow up and analyse your visitor data

Grow revenues

Use insights and automatization to grow revenues


Collect actionable data

  • Get extra clients through our 100% traceable word-of-mouth automatization system
  • 75% of problems get solved before unsatisfied customers spread the word

At the ideal moment-of-truth in the store

  • 30% higher response rate than e-mail
  • More actionable and honest feedback

From customers and visitors

  • All visitors are reached, even those who didn’t make a purchase

To improve your customer experience

  • 85% of managers find it easy to improve customer experience based on the platform

Get in touch with your clients and grow your business


In-store application system

  • Easy delivery
  • Your branding
  • Tailor-made content

Reporting dashboard

  • Monitor and compare NPS
  • Segmentation of clients and visitors
  • Easily export data to your CRM

Automatic mail flow

  • Automatize word-of-mouth
  • Prevent churn
  • Social media followers

Advanced features

  • Automatic CRM integration
  • Tailor-made segmentation
  • Features on request


“The application is user-friendly and no interference is needed by our staff.”

Kathleen Driscart, Marketing & Communication Manager Benelux & Germany at IKKS

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