Radically open the dialogue with your customer
How can you get recommended by your loyal customers?
AppLeads selects your most loyal customers & automatically motivates them to share their positive experience.
How do customers rate your store?
Establish a permanent dialogue with your customer. Our tablet system captures in-store feedback of your customers and enables you to improve your services.
How did your customers reach your store?
AppLeads determines which marketing channels succeed in bringing customers to your store.

Our customers

How it works ?
Kiosk placement
  • Place our personalised kiosks in your store
Promotor Score
  • Find out how customers value your store, and more importantly what can be improved thanks to their feedback.
Data collection
  • Collect customer data & find out from where your customers know your store. Store their contact information to get back in touch with them.
  • Incentivise customers by adding a fun digital game like a scratch card or slot machine to win prices.


  • Kiosk placed in your point-of-sale
  • Application & kiosk in your corporate branding
  • 100% commitment free

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